By Kelli Green

Get ready for more dirty details from Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ break up. There’s a new rumor going around that the breaking point of the relationship all came down to a song.

Calvin’s big hit right now “This Is What You Came For” features Rihanna, but it originally was Taylor. Here’s what went down, Taylor allegedly wrote the song and sent it to Calvin. He loved and they both went into the studio to record it. This of course we when they were still together. They both realized the song was going to be a hit and didn’t want their relationship to overshadow it so Calvin enlisted the help of Rihanna. Taylor kept the publishing rights to the song. Here’s where things went bad. Calvin was doing a radio interview and asked if him and Taylor would ever do a song together. He said, “You know we haven’t even spoke about it. I can’t see that happening though.”

According to sources, that hurt Taylor and was a breaking point. It was just some time later that she met Tom Hiddleston. Here’s an interesting point about this. Since Taylor has rights to the song she could prohibit Calvin from performing the song. she hasn’t done that yet, but she could. Calvin actually did that to another one of his exes, Rita Ora, on a song they did together.


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