By Amanda Wicks

With football season nearly around the corner, Kenny Chesney announced he’ll be releasing his own line of coolers. More than keeping beverages cold, the country musician’s products will also benefit ocean preservation.

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It’s all part of Chesney’s efforts to help lighten people’s global footprint. He’ll be partnering with cooler company Engel to develop a series of coolers and cooling products designed with his No Shoes Nation fans in mind.

“The No Shoes Nation has a serious commitment to how they spend their time,” Chesney said statement on his official site. “When they tailgate, they are hardcore. So I wanted to find a company that understood durable, portable, lightweight and high performance. Engel’s all about functionality, whether it’s a backpack with a removable liner, an indestructible cooler or a tumbler that keeps drinks the right temperature for 36 hours — and won’t spill.”

All sales of No Shoes Nation-branded coolers will go toward building artificial reefs in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. “It’s not just about doing business,” Chesney said. “It’s about creating something people will think is cool that also makes a difference in our world. When you can take something and make it mean more—especially for coastal preservation—that’s when I get intrigued.”

Drink on, Chesney fans.

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