By Jackson Dodd

By Jackson Dodd

Miranda Lambert celebrated the climb of her new single “Vice” on the iTunes chart by reflecting on her life since her split with Blake Shelton.

In an Instagram post, Lambert says, “The last year of my life has been one of heartache and healing… Of learning to be honest… Accepting the flaws and celebrating the smiles. Finding peace in dark places… Having some moments alone with me. Facing fears and feelings… All of them.”

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“I got to know my guitars… became friends with a pencil and paper,” She continued. “Used melodies to lead me places I had never been… Made music with my friends. Because music is medicine. This means the world to me. Thank you for joining me on this journey.”


Lambert’s performance on “Vice” is sultry, gritty. The lyrics, written by Lambert, Shane McAnally, and Joe Osborne, seem dark and deserted.

“Another vice, another call, another bed I shouldn’t crawl out of / At 7 a.m., with shoes in my hand / Said I wouldn’t do it, but I did it again / And I know I’ll be back tomorrow night,” Lambert sings.

“I wear a town like a leather jacket / When the new wears off I don’t even pack it,” She continues. “If you need me / I’ll be where my reputation don’t precede me / Maybe I’m addicted to goodbyes.”

“Vice” is Lambert’s first release since 2014’s Platinum and since splitting with Shelton last year.


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