By Anthony Donatelli

Brett Young came back home to Southern California Friday night to kick off this weekend’s Lost Highway Festival with a special performance at Camp K-FROG.

It was a warm, summer night in the hills of the Glen Helen Regional Park in San Bernardino, as a modest set of campers gathered around to hear an acoustic set from the up and coming country crooner.

He kicked off his set with a few hits from his self titled EP with “Left Side of Leaving” and “Like I Loved You.”

He also debuted a new song called, “You Still Got It,” which is another heartfelt ballad that adds to Young’s  personal life experiences. He also mentioned it will be on his new full length album coming out in February.

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Now if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing Young perform live, you’ll know that one of his favorite things to do on stage, besides sing, is tell stories. Stories of playing in Orange County bars and covering Marvin Gaye, to his mandolin player looking like Zac Brown and feeling like he has t-rex arms.

But one of the best stories Young tells is the story behind his first, and current, radio single “Sleep Without You.”

“I grew up with an older sister and whoever sat in the front seat of the car got to control the radio,” Young explained. “I would blast music that my sister didn’t like and at that time, it was country. One day I turned on K-FROG and Tim McGraw’s “Don’t Take the Girl” came on. It was at that moment that I fell in love with country music. Now my music is being played on K-FROG and I can’t thank you all enough.”

Left Sid of Leavin’
Like I Loved You
Let’s Get It On (Marvin Gaye cover)
You Still Got It
Kiss By Kiss
Incase You Didn’t Know
You Ain’t Here to Kiss Me
Sleep Without You


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