By Kelli Green

Jon Jones of the Eli Young Band called in to talk about their upcoming show at Wilson Creek Winery, but also shared some stories of tight pants, classy wine drinking, and dad jokes.

Jon admitted that all the guys in a band are pretty classy and have been known to drink wine from a solo cup. Hopefully we’ll break them of that at Wilson Creek Winery. The Eli Young Band will be performing there on August 11th. Jon seemed pretty excited about playing there. Get your tickets to the show HERE. 

Jon is known to tell a dad joke or two on social media, so Scott ran through some of his favorite to get Jon’s opinion. The conversation then went from dad jokes to dad pants. Jon told us that his stage pants don’t work too well as everyday pants. He also told us that out of everyone in the band Mike has had to most wardrobe malfunctions.

Take a listen to our conversation with Jon Jones of the Eli Young Band:



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