By Kelli Green

There have been a couple of shows recently that require concert goers to lock up their cell phones in order to enter the concert venue. The catch is you can still have your phone, but you can’t use it. Get the details and take our poll.


Bands like Guns N’ Roses, the Lumineers, and even comedians like Dave Chappelle and Louis C.K. have incorporated a new cell phone free policy at their shows. There’s a new device that locks up your phone during the performance, so you can’t video or take pictures while inside the concert.

Here’s how it works, you place your phone in a pouch made of wetsuit like material and then lock it up with a security tag. Your phone will still work inside the pouch, but you can’t access it. You still have your phone in your possession, but you can’t check it, take pictures, or any other functions until the pouch is unlocked.┬áTo unlock the pouch you have to step outside the concert venue and go to a designated kiosk.

If you had to do this for every concert, would you still go?


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