By Todd Nichols

School is about to start up again and here are some apps that maybe helpful along the way.


Merriam-Webster dictionary is now in the palm of your hand, searching has never been easier, either by typing or speaking what you’re looking for, and if you don’t know how to pronounce the word, the app can pronounce it for you.

Google Play Store – Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Keeping up with class schedule can be troubling at best. This app can help with tracking assignments and can warn of upcoming events. There is a homework widget to allow keeping track of assignments right from the Android home screen.

Google Play Store – myHomework Student Planner


Cramming for an exam? Use virtual flash cards to help quiz yourself.

Google Play Store – Super Flashcards

Cloud storage

Keep a copy of your notes and your assignments on Google Drive and you will have access to them on your phone, tablet or computer

Google Drive

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Need a calculator? Try this one. It has all the scientific functions as a normal scientific calculator plus history, memories, unit conversions and constants, and one less thing you have to carry.

Google Play Store – Real Calc

Or if you need a graphing calculator try:

Google Play Store – Math Lab


Scan documents, notes, or whiteboards right to you phone then store them, print or email them as a PDF or JPEG file.

Google Play Store – Fast Scanner


Trying to learn a new language? Try Duolingo uses a variety of games and visual cues to help teach you a new language.

Google Play Store – Duolingo

Voice recorder

Up late studying the night before? Can’t concentrate on the lecture? This app can record it so you can listen to it later!

Google Play Store – Easy Voice Recorder

There are many more out there and these are just a few that may help to make life a little easier.


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