By Kelli Green

Ozzy Osbourne’s ex mistress is now talking about her affair with Ozzy. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Michelle Pugh, said Ozzy made her “feel like the most beautiful and worshipped woman in the world.”

She said her and Ozzy met back in 2011 when she colored his hair. A year later he pursued her and had a physical relationship. His rep addressed the affair and said it was a result of his sex addiction. Michelle however claims that Ozzy was “unhappy” with his marriage. She also said that her and Ozzy connected on an “emotional level”. The exposed affair caused Ozzy and wife Sharon to split for a couple of months. The two are now “back on track” and Michelle says she has no contact with Ozzy. Michelle described her life without Ozzy as a “struggle every day” and admitted that she still loves him.




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