By Amanda Wicks

Blake Shelton knows who he’d like to see as the Dallas Cowboys’ new backup quarterback: Tim Tebow.

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While in New York, TMZ caught up with the country musician, and asked what the Cowboys should do now that their backup QB Kellen Moore is out with a broken leg. Shelton said over and over that Tebow should get the slot. “Call Tim Tebow,” he said at the video’s end.

This isn’t the first time Shelton has advocated for Tebow. In January, he tweeted his surprise that Tebow wasn’t part of the NFL when he had won a playoff game. “Just saw the 2011 playoff game with Steelers vs Broncos. Can someone please give me a good reason Tim Tebo isn’t playing in the NFL?!” he wrote in one tweet, followed quickly by, “I mean are you telling me that there’s NOT a team that needs him out there? Look at the problems so many teams have at quarter back!!”

Tebow hasn’t played in an NFL game in four years, but he’s still involved with the sport. He works with ESPN as a college football analyst, among other gigs. As for Shelton, he’s not even a Cowboys fan necessarily. This past season, he and girlfriend Gwen Stefani were spotted rooting for the Arizona Cardinals. But no matter the team he prefers, he’s Team Tebow all the way.

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