By Pepper

Despite initial media reports to the contrary, “Pony Boys USA” say the incident – in which they allegedly got kicked out of Miranda Lambert’s Irvine Meadows Concert Friday night – was a huge misunderstanding.

In a post on their Instagram account Sunday night (August 7th), Pony Boys USA writes the following (some content has been edited for appropriateness):

“First and foremost, the PonyBoysUSA are HUGE country music fans. We love/respect every artist, of every concert we attend.

This past Friday night, only ONE Pony Boy (PB) attended the Miranda Lambert concert. Contrary to media reports, NO ‘group’ of PB’s attended. After Miranda was positively interactive (with this one PB), she then walked to the other side of the stage where two male fans (not PB’s) were up on each other’s shoulders. She stopped the show and she said she would continue when they were done, then called them ‘[expletive].’ The stopping of the show had ZERO correlation with the PB’s!

Next, security came up and asked the only PB in attendance, to leave the show. This PB was completely confused, as the whole debacle DID NOT involve him (we’re working on the video). We are certain that there was a total mixup of association between this PB, and the ‘group’ of other fans causing a scene on the left side of the pit.

PonyBoysUSA are regretful that our name was even associated with this. PonyBoysUSA strongly discourages the interruption of any artist’s performance. Our priority is to encourage smiles and distribute small gifts (if you’ve met us, you probably got one), while having a great time enjoying what we’re all so passionate about….Great Country Music!

We will continuously support our favorite country music artists, indefinitely.”


The “Pony Boys USA” Instagram bio describes them as, “A group of outrageous studs, traveling the world, one country concert at a time….” They can often be seen at Southern California country concerts, accompanied by their mascot, a giant stuffed toy pony.


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