By Heather Froglear

The gloves are off again, as Blake Shelton got into it with the Westboro Baptist Church on Twitter over the weekend.

Not sure what ticked Blake off this time, but it’s definitely not the first time he’s gone head-to-head with the WBC.

The WBC is notorious for picketing funerals of soldiers, and promoting hate towards the LGBT community.  They have also targeted Blake and Gwen Stefani in the past, claiming adultery.

This time, Blake sent out the first tweet:


The WBC fired back:

The tweets didn’t stop there either.  The WBC then sent out an 8-minute YouTube video slamming Shelton’s morals and calling him some less-than-kind names.

Blake then tweeted out a NSFW pic of the WBC’s leader, Fred Phelps doing something “naughty”.

Something tells me this is far from over…..




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