By Christy McLeap

I love all things S’Mores. How can you possibly go wrong with chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows?

There have been a ton of amazing s’more’s flavored treats this year. From Oreo Cookies to Klondike Bars to M&M s’more’s flavored goodies, my mouth has been watering trying all these delicious treats.

Now it’s official the Girl Scouts of America have added the s’more’s cookie to their 2017 lineup! OMG! I’m so excited. I’ve already started a separate savings account to swoop up as many of these yummy treats as possible.

According to the Girl Scouts of America blog, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Girl Scout cookie selling, you’ll see troops in select markets across the nation adding the new s’more’s cookie to their already scrumptious cookie lineup.

The announcement was made Wednesday, August 10th which was also National S’more’s day. The new Girl Scout treat will be added to the 2017 cookie sales.

The Girl Scout organization said on its blog yesterday, “We’re combining two iconic Girl Scout traditions – s’mores and Girl Scout Cookies,”

Price will be a well spent $5.00 a box. Gonna take my money outta my cookie jar and buy me a bunch. How about you?

Here’s my money, where’s my cookies? I’m ready to chow down. And I’m prepared to go shopping to buy some bigger pants. Bring on the cookies!


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