"I recorded those classics in New York City and tried to give a tip of the hat to the ones that came before me."

By Amanda Wicks

As a big Frank Sinatra fan, Brett Eldredge has wanted to do more than just sing the songs that made the crooner famous. He’s been hoping to release a Christmas album like the kind Sinatra, Bing Crosby and other classic vocalists each did during their heyday. And now his dream is finally coming true.

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Eldredge will release a Christmas album this fall, which features standard holiday songs as well as an original tune, “Glow.” Speaking about the album, he said, “I’ve been inspired for this record from a very young age. I dreamt of the day I could record all these classic songs that I’ve loved since I was a little kid.”

He recorded everything at Avatar Studios in New York, and tried to set a particular mood while he worked on the project since it was so far ahead of the Christmas season. Eldredge said,  “When it came to actually recording, I wanted to live in the experience. We hung Christmas lights in the studio in the middle of May and had musicians from the best bands in the world all in the same room–from horns to strings. Everyone was so inspired to make this classic record. I think it really shows in the songs and I can’t wait for people to hear that magic we found.”

No word yet on the album’s title or its official release date.

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