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Randy Travis’ 2012 Arrest Video About To Be Made Public

A judge has ruled that Randy Travis’ 2012 DWI Arrest video must be made public.

Despite past attempts from Travis’ legal team to keep the video from being released, yesterday, the Chief Justice in a Texas court rejected that request saying the dash cam video doesn’t violate any privacy laws and must be made available to the public under the Freedom of Information Act.

Travis was arrested in Tioga, Texas, after he crashed his car in August of 2012.


(Photo by Grayson County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images)

(Photo by Grayson County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images)


He was charged with obstruction and retaliation after he allegedly verbally threatened a police officer.

Also allegedly naked during his arrest, Travis agreed to plead guilty to DWI in exchange for dropping the obstruction and retaliation charges.

Randy suffered a massive stroke the following year and has been slowly recuperating at home.

Travis’ lawyers are expected to appeal the ruling.

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