By Anthony Donatelli

Many parents are influenced by pop culture when it comes to naming their babies. From Pokemon Go to their favorite TV shows, we’ve seen a unique list of names given to babies in recent years.

For country fans, you might find inspiration from your favorite artists or bands. According to Sounds Like Nashville, here’s 10 of the best country music-inspired newborn names:

Bentley – girl or boy
Although many of us would associate this name with Dierks, it can also be traced back to the car brand or the university.

Blake – girl or boy
The Voice coach inspired this one and although Blake has been known as a boys name for quite some time, it has quickly become a very gender neutral name.

Cash – boy
Johnny anyone? For the parents that have that classy, unique taste, you have to admit Cash has that adorable newborn name ring to it.

Dixie – girl
To the trio of ladies that kept girl power alive in country music, what better time to name your daughter Dixie as they make their comeback.

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Dolly – girl
Who wouldn’t want to name their little one after the queen herself, Dolly Parton?

Faith – girl
Cause sometimes you gotta have a little Faith. Just like Faith Hill herself, this names presents grace and hope.

June – girl
If you’re one of those parents that aren’t looking to go the unique route, keep it in the Cash family and stick with June.

Nash – boy
Nashville. The home of country music. Plain and simple.

Paisley – girl
This has been a classic country western name for years, not to mention your daughter might get Brad’s witty sense of humor.

Rhett – girl or boy
Thomas may be the hottest name in country music right now, meaning Rhett could be the most popular name for the next generation.


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