By Kelli Green

August 27th is a day to do something, because you can not because you’re being told to. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate.

Today is a great day to do something nice for yourself or for someone else. Here are some ideas of things to do for “Just Because Day”:

  1. Visit Someone You Haven’t Seen In Awhile.

If life is super crazy, then take a break and enjoy some quality time with a friend.

2. Dye Your Hair

Change is a good thing and maybe today will be your kick in the butt to change up your style. Go for a new color or a new style. Do something crazy “just because”!

3. Send Someone “Just Because” Flowers

Spread the love on “Just Because Day” by sending someone a nice bouquet. You could brighten a friend’s day or family member. If you’re feeling really into it then grab a bouquet of flowers and give it to a stranger.

4. Dress Up And Go Out To Dinner

If you’re like me you have some nice dresses hanging up in the closet, break them out and go out! When people ask you “What’s the occasion?” you can simply reply “It’s Just Because Day”.

5. Buy Something You Really Want, But Don’t Need

If there’s something you’ve had your eye on, go get it. Today you don’t need an excuse or to justify why you bought it. Be warned though, when your spouse wants to know why you spent so much money “Just Because” probably won’t be the best answer.


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