By Anthony Donatelli

Google has come out with the next big thing and believe it or not, it’s made out of cardboard.

Aaron Luber, Head of Partnerships with Google, introduced Google Cardboard during Florida Georgia Line‘s video premiere of “May We All” in New York City.

“It’s a small cardboard box that people can slide their phone into and enhance the way they watch music videos,” Luber explained.

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Google Cardboard resembles the late 1930’s Mattel Viewmaster, but instead of a spinning disc of pictures, you put your phone directly in the box.

“When we were making this thing we dropped our phone many times,” Luber chuckled. “That came into effect when making this, so we put this sticky material on the back of the box so phones would stop dropping and shattering.”

So what’s the last thing Luber has googled?

“It was probably¬†something work related,” Luber laughed. “It was actually virtual reality.”

After creating Google Cardboard to enhance the way you watch music videos, what did Luber say was his favorite music video of al-time?

“I’d have to say the all-time best music video is ‘Waiting for Love’ from Avicii,” Luber stated. “We helped work on that video and it was really something special.”


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