By Anthony Donatelli

Florida Georgia Line has teamed up Proximo Spirits, Inc., to create a new brand of whiskey called, Old Camp Whiskey.

“We launched this about three weeks ago and this is the only flavor that we currently have,” Chief Marketing Officer Scott Green said. “The peach pecan whiskey is a great flavor and personally, it’s best when you mix it an iced tea or a lemonade.”

Kelli Green, who handled the interview, is a die-hard fan of pumpkin spice so she had to ask if that could potentially be a flavor in the future.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to pull that off before October, but we’ll shoot for next year,” Green laughed.

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The partnership came about when FGL wanted to get into the beverage business and a mutual friend had put these two parties in contact.

“We were put in touch about a year ago and it’s been the most fun, exciting project that we’ve ever done,” Green explained. “They wanted to create a flavored whiskey and we tried to combine 100 different flavors and this is the one that finally worked. They really dug into their roots because one of the guys had a peach tree in his backyard growing up the other had a pecan tree.”

So how did they decide on the name Old Camp Whiskey?

“As Brian and Tyler travel around on this great tour of theirs, they have an entourage of fans that they refer to as their ‘camp,'” Green said. “So this is them paying homage to their fans.”


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