By Amanda Wicks

Florida Georgia Line have premiered their latest music video “May We All,” featuring Tim McGraw.

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The video pairs the song’s good ol’ boy feeling of growing up in small American towns, watching racing, with a more dramatic narrative.

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley agree to a 70/30 split with Tim McGraw (in his favor) to race his car in an open wheel dirt track competition over the weekend. The three play characters at a mechanics shop, and while McGraw works on an engine the Florida Georgia Line boys try to work a deal to make a little money on the side. Both turn out to be good—really good—and as a result their rivalry on the track threatens to destroy their friendship.

But when an accident lands Hubbard’s car upside down and traps him inside, Kelley doesn’t hesitate to stop racing and free him. Even though firefighters pull Kelley back, trying to get him to safety because they can’t get Hubbard out before the car explodes, he breaks loose and returns to Hubbard’s side in order to save him.

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