By Kelli Green

Troy Johnson has earned his road name of “Tracker” after being out on the road with Florida Georgia Line. He’s dealt with crazy fans, horrible weather, and odd requests.

Tracker got to see what Tyler and Brian of Florida Georgia Line have to do when they’re out on their media tour. Tracker sat behind the mic and got interviewed for hours today. He said the guys really didn’t give him any advice, they just said “now you know why at the end of four hours we’re a little cranky.”

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Tracker admits that there are “tons of crazy fan stories”, but he says he’s “signed too many documents to talk about it”. He said the band and crew has had to deal with some not so ideal situations like festivals and concerts in the middle of nowhere with no running water. He couldn’t recall any odd requests that Tyler and Brian have had, but he thinks that they do test him to see how long it take him and his team to get them things.

Tracker has more than just Tyler and Brian to worry about on the road, because the guys like to travel with their wives and dogs. He admitted that the dogs actually make life on the road better. He says, “everyone loves having the dogs”. The guys actually have their dogs with them in New York right now. He told us a story about how one crew member wanted Tyler’s dog to stay in his room while here in New York.

Take a listen to Tracker’s full interview below:


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