By Christy McLeap

Dine and dash. We’ve all heard of it. It’s where you eat at a restaurant and run out without paying the bill. It’s stealing and not very cool, especially in front of police detectives.

This past Monday, Palm Springs Police say a couple that attempted to dine-and-dash at a popular Palm Springs restaurant weren’t as smart as they thought they were. They tried to pull off their eat and run in front of several Police Department detectives.

CBS Los Angeles reports Shawn Deans, 27, and Shona Morrison, 35, both of Palm Springs are facing burglary, violating probation and defrauding an innkeeper charges. According to Riverside county jail records both are being held without bail.

Palm Springs Police said on Monday morning a group of their detectives noticed a man and a woman acting suspiciously as they walked away from the table next to them, while they were eating breakfast at Elmer’s Restaurant.

Acting on their suspicions the detectives questioned the staff of the restaurant and found that the couple had left without paying their bill right in front of them.

According to officials, the Palm Springs police detectives then left the restaurant to see if they could track down the couple. Luckily, a few witnesses were around to point out the direction they spotted the suspected man and woman traveling.

Reportedly the couple had gone across the street and wound up behind some local hotels before trying to separate to get away from the detectives. But it didn’t work for these would be dine & dashers. The detectives were quick to catch up with the man and woman and they were taken into custody without any other problems.


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