By Christy McLeap

The devastating Blue Cut fire that started in the Cajon Pass and raced quickly into the High Desert a couple of weeks ago has left many of the people who lost their homes living in tents.

Some of the families in the affected Blue Cut fire area have said before the fire they weren’t able to afford homeowner’s insurance and now many of them don’t even have the money to find alternate housing.

CBS Los Angeles reports that these unfortunate folks are doing whatever they can to put a roof over their families heads, including living in tents and abandoned structures without electricity or even running water.

Andrea Fujii of KCAL9 spoke to some Phelan residence about how they are coping and surviving.

Emily and Shawn, who didn’t want to give their last name, said they are living in an abandoned home without any electricity or running water. The couple explained how difficult their lives have become after the fire, especially since they have a 2-year-old with autism and a newborn baby.

Emily said, “We need almost everything to replace what was there and to start everything over.” She went on to say, “There’s no wiring in the walls, there is no solar panels left. There’s no batteries left. There is nothing.”

For the past two weeks, the family has turned to Mea Ola’s Place, which is an animal rescue that has now also become a human rescue too, where they pick up donated items like clothes, food and more.

Ann Kline, founder of Mea Ola’s Place says they’ve been able to help nearly 30 families that have been displaced by the fire which stretched 58-square miles and destroyed over 100 homes.

Donations are continually being accepted and given to Mea Ola’s. Organizers say they are in need of more help so these families can. Get more details about Mea Ola’s Place here.



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