By Christy McLeap

It’s almost like a children’s story we’re all familiar with. It starts with 3 little bears, only there isn’t any Goldilocks around.

CBS Los Angeles reports that Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies were called out around noon yesterday, Thursday Sept. 1st, to a home in Pasadena on the report that there were three bears on their property. Reportedly one of the bears broke some glass at the house while trying to get at the family’s dog.

There were two people at home at the time and they had barricaded their door until the sound of the breaking glass scared the bears away.

The trio of bears were later seen swimming and playing in a pool at another home in the neighborhood and then a bit later, the two bear cubs crawled into a nearby trash bin.

By nightfall, the three bears still were making themselves at home in the neighborhood.

Folks who live in the neighborhood weren’t phased by the bears. They see these animals a lot in their area.

It’s almost like clockwork that bears are spotted in that part of Pasadena. In fact local residents even say the bears will often come down on Thursdays, which is garbage night. Bring on the buffet. 🙂


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