On the eve of the SBD Fest Air Show at San Bernardino International Airport, firefighters of FDNY joined Scott, Heather and Kelli in the Morning to discuss their participation in the SB Strong Plane Pull for charity.

The SB Strong Plane Pull is a team competition with two teams facing off to see which has the strength, stamina and endurance to pull a 757 aircraft the farthest.  The first team will be comprised of San Bernardino County Fire personnel and our three guests from FDNY, Frank, Tim and John.  The second team will include personnel from San Bernardino County Sheriff and the San Bernardino Police Department.  NYPD offered their support as well, but they were unable to attend due to prior engagements during the 15th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11.

On September 10, these two teams will line up on 100 foot ropes attached to 116,000 lb. 757 aircraft, provided by Unical Aviation. The event starter will signal the team and start the stopwatch. The team that pulls the farthest in 90 seconds wins. Although the winning team will receive a prize and endless bragging rights!  The public is urged to make pledges or donate to one or both teams.  All dollars pledged will directly benefit the non-profit of your choice.

Frank, Tim and John were each kind enough to offer their support and participation after receiving an invitation from the San Bernardino International Airport.

“We want to support fire and law enforcement here after the events in December.  We know what it is like to experience something like this.  They need to know that they have friends in different places who support them, and we know that NYPD supports them as well,” said Tim.

They also offered a special “thanks” to Catherine Pritchett of the Inland Valley Development Agency for arranging their participation and to STA Jets who will be flying them back to New York immediately following the SBD Fest Air Show so that they can participate in the various 9/11 memorial activities set to take place on Sunday.

You can watch the SB Strong Plane Pull as part of the SBD Fest Air Show on Saturday at approximately 2PM at San Bernardino International Airport.  Tickets are available HERE.

Here’s some additional information about the charities supported by the SB Strong Plane Pull:

San Bernardino Police Foundation
The mission of the SB Police Foundation is to enhance public safety by supporting and funding safety, technology, and crime fighting. Funds raised through the Plane Pull will help fund ballistic training equipment.

San Bernardino County Firefighters’ Association
The SBCoFFA provides support for many community and fire service benefits including monetary assistance in case of tragedy to a member; both safety and non-safety, from chief to ambulance operator. A portion of the funds raised will be donated to the family of firefighter Ruppurt who was recently killed during an off duty accident. SB County firefighters will be wearing his name on their jerseys as a tribute to their fallen brother.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Volunteer Administrative Support Unit
1,899 volunteers donate their time every day to 106 units within the SB County Sheriff’s Department funds raised through the SB Strong Plane Pull will benefit all Department volunteers.


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