By Christy McLeap

We always say, “never let us forget” when we talk about September 11th. Some members of the Occidental College republican Club tried to remember by placing 2,997 memorial flags on campus Saturday night. Each flag symbolizing the lives lost on September 11, 2001.

Some vandals came by the campus just after midnight Sunday morning and crushed, snapped and even threw each flag into the garbage. They then placed up posters and flyers that read, “that shamed the victims of 9/11.”

According to CBS Los Angeles Occidental College officials say the are investigating and as of yet they don’t know who is responsible for the vandalism. They went on to say that when they find whoever is responsible they will take “appropriate disciplinary action.”

If you have any info you can share it at

The schools acting Dean of Studentsn Erica O’Neal Howard said in a statement, “Vandalism or other acts that substantially interfere with the rights of others to engage in protected speech violate the College’s Student Code of Conduct and the spirit of this institution,”


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