By Kelli Green

Jim Carrey is under fire for his girlfriend’s death, by her husband.

Jim’s girlfriend, Cathriona White, committed suicide last September and her late husband is blaming Jim Carrey. To clear things up Jim and Cathriona broke up the week before her death and Mark and Cathriona were separated.

Mark Burton claims that Jim supplied Cathriona with illegal drugs which she was “ill equipped to ingest and manage”. Mark cited that she had previously tried to take her life and was prone to depression. Mark is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Jim and also suing him under the drug dealer liability act, because the drugs were obtained under a fake name (Arthur King). Lastly Mark claims that Jim tried to cover up his involvement in Cathriona’s death by sending a “bogus text message” after she had already passed to set up his story that she took his drugs without his knowledge.

Jim Carrey released a statement saying, “I will not tolerate this heartless attempt to exploit me or the woman I loved”.

As for the bogus name on the drugs, Jim’s people aren’t worried about it, because they were legally obtained citing that its “routine practice” to use an alias to protect their privacy. The only person who could be in some hot water over this is the doctor. Under the law doctors can’t “make a false statement in any prescription.”

Some doctors have lost their license or even faced prosecution over this like, Ana Nicole Smith’s doctor.


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