By Pepper

Over the 20+ years of her career, Martina McBride has recorded quite a few songs that have a message – something that she’s proud of, even if it wasn’t by design.

“I feel like I’ve been really fortunate that I have been able to find some songs throughout my career that have really affected people in a really lasting way, you know, that have made a difference,” she muses in a statement from her record label.

“It’s not something I do on purpose. I don’t really go out looking for songs that are going to affect people that way, but when I hear a song like ‘I’m Gonna Love You Through It,’ or ‘Independence Day,’ or ‘Broken Wing,’ or whatever, I’m moved to record those songs because I feel like they will be someone’s story,” she continues. “So yeah, it’s a privilege to be able to have songs that make an impact on people and change their lives in a way.”


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