By Christy McLeap

Tuesday evening authorities arrested a Hesperia student after an alleged hit list the teen supposedly wrote ended up on social media.

According to San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon, the Encore High School student had a detailed plan and even a list naming people that could have been shot at the school. The teenager has been charged with attempted murder and with making terrorists threats.

The student, whose name and age remain unknown had limited access to firearms but he did talk about placing explosives around the school campus.

Officials searched but said they didn’t find any explosives.

The Sheriff said it’s unknown if the student had any prior run-ins with the law. Officials also haven’t said what prompted the teenage boy to put the list together.

The student’s parents are said to be cooperating with authorities.

Allegedly detectives found at the students home a detailed plan for a mass shooting.

Sheriff Jon McMahon said, “There were weapons at the home. He had limited access to them. They were legally registered.”

Officials wanted to make a point that no terror threat was made.

“There’s no connection to terror that we’ve been able to determine as a result of our investigation,” said McMahon. “The information we have at this point is that he was the lone suspect in this plot.”

According to the Encore High School CEO of Encore the unnamed student will not be able to return to campus.

CBS Los Angeles reports that according to officials all 33 people on the list have been notified.


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