By Christy McLeap

If you’re a Verizon Wireless customer you may wanna get out your bill and examine it closely. Reportedly there have been numerous consumers that say Verizon is charging them for data overages that couldn’t be explained. reports that after a number of complaints from consumers about Verizon Wireless’ billing issues has launched an investigation of the company by the the Federal Communications Commission (FCC.)

As reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, one of the most outrageous examples of a bill was a Florida woman who received a monthly bill from Verizon that was over $9,100 dollars.

Get this, the Florida lady’s normal monthly bill, which included 4 GB of data in her plan was usually $118. You could imagine her shock when Verizon charged her for 569 gigabytes of data use on this months bill totaling a cost of $8,535.

According to Verizon they ended up waiving most of that bill. They reportedly said that they resolved the billing issue to the customer’s satisfaction.

That wasn’t the only drastic example of over billing. Once customer reports she uses a flip phone that has no wireless data connection but is still being charged for data. There are numerous complaints from other Verizon customers who are reporting an increasing data usage on their phone even though they haven’t changed the way they use data.

It appears the cause of increased data usage is still a mystery and not known, but Verizon reportedly has said it could just be consumer error.



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