By Kelli Green

Achieving greatest multiple times is not easy task. Sure George Strait and Tim McGraw have tons of No. 1 songs, but for some people it was one and done. Check out some of the best country one hit wonders.


10. Jaron And The Long Road To Love “Pray For You”

Jaron’s debut single topped out at No. 13 on the charts, but the catchy revenge lyrics make this one hard to forget.

9. Lila McCann “I Wanna Fall In Love”

Lila got so close to the top spot with this song. She reached No. 3 on the U.S. charts with this, but managed to go all the way to No. 1 on the Canadian charts.



8. Ricochet “Daddy’s Money”

Ricochet scored a No. 1 song with this back in 1996.

7. Carolyn Dawn Johnson “Complicated”

Carolyn ‘s hit peaked at No. 5, but it’s become her signature song. Side note, Carolyn also wrote the #5 song from Chely Wright.

6. Cyndi Thomson “What I Really Meant To Say”

Cyndi came out of the box with this debut No. 1 song. It was the only time she scored a No. 1.

5. Chely Wright “Single White Female”

Chely got a No. 1 song in the U.S. and Canada with this song. You might hear a very familiar voice in this song, Trisha Yearwood sings the vocal harmonies on it.

4. Chad Brock “Yes!”

This was Chad’s only No. 1 song at it spent 3 weeks at the top of the charts.

3. Jessica Andrews “Who I Am”

Of course you heard it on K-Frog and you probably also heard it on the TV show Lizzie McGuire.

2. James Otto “Just Got Started Lovin’ You”

It was one of the biggest songs of 2008 and unfortunately that’s where things peaked for James.

1. Heartland “I Loved Her First”

It might be one of the biggest wedding songs for Father Daughter dances, but that’s where it ended for Heartland.


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