By Christy McLeap

Earlier this month a talented dog was caught on video trying to escape the Apple Valley Animal Shelter and now at least 40 people have turned in applications to adopt her.

In the security video you can see Ginger, a beautiful German shepherd, climb to the top of her kennel and break free.

The shelter’s manager Gina Whiteside said, “Everybody believes she was trying to make her way back to her old owner because she was found close to where her old home was.”

Ginger’s former owner wasn’t able to care for her anymore and dropped her off at the shelter. The dog was only there a few hours before she attempted her escape.

CBS Los Angeles reports in the video the determined 2-year-old dog opened three doors to get out.

During Ginger’s brave escape, she alerted security by setting off the shelter’s motion sensors.

Whiteside said when the staff came in, “There were phones off the counter. Everything was kind of messed up.” She also said, “We just want to honor the owner’s wishes. It was difficult for him to turn her in and make that decision. Now, our job is to find her a home that’s going to be permanent.”


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