By Christy McLeap

Rare warnings of a ‘BIG’ earthquake happening in Southern California Tuesday has a lot of folks many shaken up and stocking up.

Last week a report from the U.S. Geological Survey said a possible 7.0 magnitude or greater earthquake could strike California by Tuesday.

A swarm of small quakes near the San Andreas Fault that rattled the Salton Sea over a week ago upped the chances of a mega-quake happening.

The risk of a mega quake has been temporarily elevated to 1 percent above normal.

San Bernardino city officials took the warning extremely serious and in a rare move shut down their city hall yesterday and today until the risk subsides, since the building was built in the 1970’s and doesn’t meet seismic standards.

The warning had many folks worried and stocking up on emergency supplies like energy bars, three-day food kits, survival kits and even 55-gallon drums of water, just in case.

CBS Los Angeles reports Dave O’Brien, an employee at an army supply store in Orange, said since the alert was issued, they are selling out of survival supplies. “We have an additive that will give it (water) a five-year shelf life. But right now, we are out of it,” he said. “They’re concerned about not being able to get to any food or water the next two weeks.”

Even emergency supply websites have tripled in business in the last week.

It’s smart to be aware and to have an emergency earthquake plan scheduled for you and your family in case we do get a gigantic life changing earthquake in Southern California.


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