By Anthony Donatelli

It’s always a struggle getting the kids to the dinner table when they’re glued face first in a video game.

What if the overly-used phrase, “10 more minutes, then you’re done” actually became a reality instead of them remaining in full zombie mode? Good news mom and dad, your dream has come true.

The San Francisco based wireless company, Eero, is bringing your kids back to Earth with the simple press of a button.

Eero is meant to boost the WiFi signals in hard to reach places in the home, but they also have a feature that you can download straight to your smartphone called, “Family Profiles.” This allows you to pause any device in your home that is connected to the internet.

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It make take a minute or two to get the game in full freeze mode because of all of the graphics it has to load, but eventually the game will lose connection to the server.

Hopefully this negates any screaming, yelling or arguments that may occur when it’s time to shut off the game.

And remember parents, just like any other electronic device, it only works if your kid is not smarter than you.


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