By Christy McLeap

CBS 2 Los Angeles reports a new video has surfaced showing a suspect on the ground, in handcuffs, being kicked in the head by a federal law enforcement officer.

In the cellphone video it shows what appears to look like a routine arrest of a suspect, then you see one of the officers kicking the man in the head as he walks past.

There didn’t seem to be an resistance from the handcuffed suspect while he was on his stomach down on the ground.

CBS 2’s Tom Wait reports these aren’t deputies with the Pomona Police Department, they are in fact federal officers.

Alex Garcia, the person who recorded the cellphone video, said he started recording because the officers were using what he believed to be excessive force against the unidentified suspect.

Garcia said, “One of the officers started handcuffing him. The other one was on top of him and socked him on the back.”

Watch the video here plus read more about this story.




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