By Christy McLeap

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays, right? It’s second to Christmas for me.

We all know about candy and trick-or-treating, wearing costumes and all the fun that comes with decorating, but there may be a few things you don’t know.

  • 10. If you sell or use Silly String in Hollywood on Halloween and get caught there’s a $1,000 fine. Silly String has been banned since 2004 in Hollywood after thousands bought it from illegal vendors and “vandalized” the streets. According to the Hollywood city ordinance there’s a $1,000 maximum fine and/or even six months jail time for the “use, possession, sale or distribution of Silly String in Hollywood from 12:01 AM on October 31st to 12:00 PM on November 1st.”
  • 9.  Catholics are responsible for the moniker “Halloween.”  There’s the Catholic holiday called Hallowmas, it’s a three-day event that happens from Oct. 31 until Nov. 2. honoring the saints and prayer for the newly deceased. It was decreed by the pope at the start of the 11th century that it would last three days, and it is believed it was likely set up that way because that was when Samhain a Gaelic festival was celebrated and the church wanted to convert the pagans.
  • 8. Dressing up in Halloween costumes comes from the Celts. The Celts believed that the Gaelic festival Samhain was when the wall that seperates our world from the paranormal world was penetrable and spirits could make their way through. That’s way the Celts wore costumes and masks during the festival so they could ward off or even confuse any evil spirits.
  • 7.  Turnips should actually be carved during Halloween and not pumpkins. The name “Jack-O-Lanterns” originated from Celtic folklore where a farmer named Jack played tricks on the devil. The story goes that the devil, tired of Jack’s antics forced him to wander around purgatory carrying with him only a burning lump of coal from hell. Using the burning coal and a turnip, Jack made a lantern and used it to guide his lost soul. That myth traveled to America with Irish immigrant families in the early 1800’s, and since turnips were hard to come by at that time in the U.S.A. pumpkins were used as a substitute.
  • 6. Americans reportedly buy over 20 million pounds of Candy Corn each year. (It’s not first choice in candy.) By the way for all of you that are fans of the candy, October 30th is National Candy Corn Day.
  • 5. Legend has it that if you see a spider on Halloween, it’s actually the spirit of a loved one watching over you. Guess I’ll skip the urge to stomp a spider then if I see one on Halloween then. Don’t wanna step on a family member.
  • 4. Snickers is the number one candy of choice for trick-or-treaters. (But, not for those of us allergic to nuts ya know.) The candy runner ups are Reese’s, Kit-Kat’s and M&M’s.
  • 3. Each year there are thousands of people that suffer from Samhainophobia, which is a morbid, irrational fear of Halloween. So, please be kind when celebrating the season.
  • 2. Reportedly Halloween along with the candy industry influenced Daylight Savings Time. It’s been said that the candy makers supposedly lobbied to extend daylight savings time into the beginning of November. They wanted to get an extra hour of daylight during Halloween so that the kids would be able to collect even more candy. In theory this would force people to buy more and more candy to meet the demand of the trick-or-treaters.
  • 1. Halloween in all it’s scary glory is the second most commercial American holiday of the year. Christmas is of course number one. A whopping $2 billion dollars a year is made, on average, by the the candy industry during Halloween. If you added it all up between candy, costumes and decorations, Americans spend an estimated $6 billion dollars annually during the Halloween season.

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