By Kelli Green

Every year we ask people to tell us their real life ghost stories. Here are some of the best from this year. Be prepared to get freaked out.


5. The Story of Homer

A woman told us that the spirit of her deceased brother plays pranks on her and her husband.

4. The Scary Shoe Ghost Story
A woman believes that her home is haunted after multiple scary things happen, including one incident with some shoes.

3. The Haunting Children Ghost Story

A woman shares stories about her childhood home, including how one ghost got so mad that it threw plates.

2. Haunted Hospital

A woman shares stories about the hospital that she works at and a spirit that multiple people have seen.

1. The Story of Annabelle
This story was actually from last year, but the chill factor is so high that we had to replay it this year. A woman does some investigating to find that her daughter has been playing with the spirit of a deceased little girl.


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