By Pepper

Between traveling and trying to get everything ready for guests and parties and everything else, the holidays can wreak havoc on your health! Here are some tips to stay ahead.

  1. Hydrate. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water all season long (those Santa Ana winds will dehydrate you quickly!), and at a party, have a glass of water between alcoholic drinks.
  2. Disinfect. Wash your hands frequently, and have a bottle of hand sanitizer handy for when a sink isn’t convenient. And for air travel, bring a package of sanitizing wipes, and wipe everything down!
  3. Moderate. It’s okay to indulge, just don’t over-indulge. Watch your portions, and keep an orange or apple with you to snack on so you’ll be less tempted by those endless plates of sweets!
  4. Exercise. It’s easy to get out of your regular fitness routine during the holidays, but remember that even a little bit of exercise is better than nothing! Even a quick walk around the block will make you feel better….and relieve some of the stress surrounding the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Now, go enjoy the best time of the year!


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