“We do not know if it will trigger a bigger event but we can’t exclude it.”By Christy McLeap

RIVERSIDE (KFROG.com) — Dr. Christos Kyriakopoulos, a UC Riverside researcher says he’s interested and is looking into what’s happening with tremors east of Los Angeles near the Salton Sea.

A cluster of 20 small quakes hit the Salton Sea area this past Monday morning. The largest magnitude was recorded was 3.5 magnitude. Dr. Kyriakopoulos said swarm activity like this is actually very common.

CBS Los Angeles reports Dr. Kyriakopoulos said, “We do not know if it will trigger a bigger event but we can’t exclude it.”

Around the same area past Coachella Valley in September there were a couple hundred earthquakes that rattled the area and Dr. Kyriakopoulos has been busy keeping an eye the activity. If you’re wondering, these swarms are actually energy being released from around the faults.

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Dr. Kyriakopoulos says he’s also interested in what’s happening in other parts of the world like Italy, where they’ve recently experienced devastating earthquakes.

He said, “We can apply this knowledge to better understand the seismic cycle in California.”

As a reminder we should all be prepared and ready as experts can not predict an earthquake.


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