By Pepper

Kenny Chesney unwittingly found himself in the middle of a firestorm after his apparent “less than impressed” reaction to Beyoncé’s performance at the CMA Awards Wednesday night.

Beyoncé fans, collectively known as the “Bee Hive” were quick to criticize the Pinnacle Award winner for his lack of enthusiasm during her performance, and took their objections to social media.

But according to The Boot, Kenny has released a statement explaining their assumptions are all wrong.

“I love Beyoncé. I loved her Super Bowl performance, her sense of how to make the music hit really hard, and give it drama when she’s onstage,” he says in a press release. “The idea her fans were so quick to judge me, or know what I was thinking, doesn’t feel like the woman I’ve always imagined Beyonce to be – and honestly, the people who love her music, either.

“As someone who believes in the message of ‘spread the love,’ we try to find the best in people — and in this case, that meant really watching the musicianship on that stage, as well as a guest in our format who’d written an incredible song,” Kenny continues. “I am amazed and saddened this is the response my respect for her art gets.

“I believe music is great or not,” Kenny says in closing. “It has nothing to do with genre, gender or color. Just, did you bring it, and how great are your songs? To me, there’s no question about Beyonce — or my response to their performance.”

  1. April says:

    It’s sort of weird that Beyonce would be at a COUNTRY “anything”…. and honestly, Dolly should have had more time than Beyonce. So there’s that..

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