By Anthony Donatelli

Everybody loves a good nap, but what’s the secret to having a GREAT nap?

Well there plenty of factors that have to be taken into consideration. How long should the nap be? When is the perfect time to nap? Researchers have the answers for you to take the best possible nap.

First off, you need to pinpoint how much time you actually have for a nap. Naps of 10-20 minutes will improve your energy levels and cognitive function, while 30 minute naps have the same effect, but can also result in a period of grogginess.

If you want to take a nap for longer than 20 minutes, set your alarm clock for an hour and a half. This way, you ditch the groggy and complete your full REM cycle.

Then you’ll have to decide what time of day you want to take your nap. Experts have said that morning naps are more likely to contain REM sleep, which can be very calming and afternoon naps, which has restorative and memory-boosting effects.

Dr. Sara Mednick, a sleep researcher, has even put together this chart for you to determine your perfect time to nap, according to when you wake up.

So grab a blanket, hit the lights and start snoozin’!


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