By Christy McLeap

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and it’s a reminder to think more about others. Something we should try to do more of everyday, but especially during the holidays.

Why not reach out and give your fellow man or woman a hand up and a create in them a nice warm feeling to make sure they know they’re cared for.

Here’s just a few things you could do to give back this Thanksgiving.

  • 5.  Why not visit a retirement home?
    Unfortunately you’ll find a few folks in retirement homes who are likely not to have any family visit them during Thanksgiving. Could be they don’t have any family or maybe their family lives so far away. Whatever the case, you can make a difference.
  • 4.  Donate supplies to your local food bank
    If you’re like me you have some extra cans of food sitting in your pantry or kitchen cabinets right now. Why not give these extras to a local food bank? You could even contact one near you to see what supplies are needed and perhaps stop by the grocery store and stock up for those in need.

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  • 3.  Spend some time volunteering at a soup kitchen
    During the holidays soup kitchens see an increase in folks who want to volunteer. Keep in mind hunger is a year-round problem. A majority of soup kitchens appreciate all the extra volunteers, but you may want to consider also volunteering sometime that’s not around the holidays.
  • Get creative and build Thanksgiving baskets 
    Simply search around and find a church, religious institute or even a charity that is giving out Thanksgiving baskets. Take the time to make your own baskets at home and fill them up with all sorts of Thanksgiving goodies, like instant mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy packets etc. You could even fill them with other items and maybe drive around and drop them off with any homeless person you might encounter.
  • Give the gift of life…donate blood
    Maybe you are short on cash yourself, but you still want to give back to your community. Why not donate blood? It’s easy, takes less than an hour and it’s an incredibly rewarding way to give back. Find a LifeStream blood drive near you at or call 1-800-TRY-GIVING.

Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday!


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