By Christy McLeap

I was surprised when I went grocery shopping this past weekend. The grocery bag ban passed this past election and now we are being charged 10 cents a bag at the grocery store, regardless if it’s paper or plastic.

Can you imagine how long the lines are going to be now? Before the ban they were already long; reaching down isles flowing toward the back of the store. Now picture how long it will take to check out when you go to buy groceries.

Many shoppers, are not happy about Prop. 67, which went into effect immediately and now requires all stores to charge at least 10 cents for each paper or plastic bag.

Prop. 67 was approved by a surprising 52 percent of statewide voters on November 8th.

CBS Los Angeles reports one man declared, “Because they are just ripoff. I don’t want to pay for a plastic bag.”

Another gentleman said, “Ten cents a little too much for me.”

Not only are some stores are charging 10 cents for a paper bag, but even a 15 cent charge for a reusable plastic bag.

A third man interviewed sad, “Bags should be free. I recycled them. Why should we have to pay for it?” Great question I say.

Unfortunately grocery store employees are getting the brunt of the storm from angry shoppers. One anonymous grocery store employee said, “It involves lot of cussing. They’re not taking it very well.”

But then, there are those who are cool with going green. A day after the law passed Gabby Custode bought reusable bags online saying, “We would use so many plastic bags. And now, we have one, two, three, four of these bags for everything we had.”

So how do you feel about paying 10 cents now for bags at the grocery store? Take our poll, let us know.


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