By Kelli Green

A judge just ruled that Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend Nick Gordon was liable for her death and ordered him to pay a huge settlement.


Bobbi Kristina was found dead in a bathtub in 2015, similar to her mother’s (Whitney Houston) death. Her family immediately went after her boyfriend, Nick Gordon for damages and a judge recently sided with the family ordering him to pay $36 million in damages. The amount was based on unlimited earning potential before her death.

Here’s some of the damages Nick has been ordered to pay:

-Conversion (stealing funds/assets): $1.5 million with punitive damages of $250,000

-Assault and battery/ medical damages: $1.3 million. Nick was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, so that’s an addition $4.2 million

-Pain and suffering: $13 million

-Loss of Life: $15 million (this includes her net worth and future potential income)

The family had originally asked for $40 million. Nick was not present at court when the judgement was made.


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