Technology can be frustrating.

We lose sight of truly how astonishing the possibilities are in front of us through a malaise of rage when things don’t go quite perfectly at our fingertips.

For the iPhone 6s, specifically those that were manufactured in September or October 2015, things haven’t gone quite perfectly.

The phones have had a tendency to unexpectedly shut down, amongst other bugs.

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Thankfully, if your malfunctioning iPhone 6s that was made within the aforementioned timeframe experiencing similar issues, you’re eligible for a free replacement, via

Apple will replace the phone due to its shortcomings which is simply the right thing to do, though not always done because it’s a form of admitting responsibility for the faulty phones.

Earlier this year, the company released a new iPhone that eliminated the headphone jack and it’ll dominate the news cycle again next year when it releases the iPhone 8 on the iPhone’s 10 year anniversary.


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