By Robyn Collins

One of country’s biggest stars, Garth Brooks, is back with his new record Gunslinger. The RIAA’s best selling artist of all time delivers on this album.

Here are some of our favorite tracks, aside from the already released Kim Williams written single, “Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance”:

“Ask Me How I Know”
This heartfelt track serves as a warning that comes from the wisdom of learning love lessons the hard way. It speaks to letting yourself love someone well, so you don’t lose them.

“Whiskey and Wine”
Trisha Yearwood joins her husband for this bittersweet duet. It’s the age-old story of lovers that have moved on from each other in their lives, but haven’t moved on in their hearts. It’s a bit of a heartbreaker for anyone in this situation.

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“Bang! Bang!”
You’re gonna tap your foot to this fun, modern-day take on the Bonnie and Clyde story. With a tasty melody, you get the energy that Garth is the master at bringing to a story song. It has the “hookiness” of a pop song, and the classic storytelling qualities of a country track.

“Cowboys and Friends”
This super countrified slow jam has a lazy sexiness to it that makes you want to slow dance around a wooden floor in a backroad bar somewhere. It’s the tale of the inevitability of one-nighters, and the friends that encourage this type of behavior.

A feel good tune full of nods to previous Garth hits, this will be a crowd pleaser for long-time fans of the superstar.

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