A man and his wife went to Disney World in Florida and while there, as the man is a huge Star Wars fan, they caught a Star Wars show.

The show would have been more than sufficient for the man to have been happy, but there was an unexpected twist. It wasn’t exactly “I am your father,” but it wasn’t far off.

His wife coordinated with the staff, and suggested he take a picture with Darth Vader and two Stormtroopers. He’s aptly donning a Star Wars shirt, of course. As he’s standing there, his wife hands him what appears to be a gift bag.

He reaches inside the bag, finds a baby sized onesie, encrypted in Yoda jargon, that reads: “judge me by my size, do you?” The man immediately breaks down in tears as he conceptualizes that he’s going to be a father, via Daily Mail.

What a wonderful moment, and wonderful idea from his wife. She must have bought herself more than enough equity to ensure he’s an absolute saint to her while she’s pregnant.


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