“The Twelve Days of Christmas”, what a lovely tune. It’s a classic Christmas song, we know all the words and we all know the 12 gifts.

But we don’t know how much it costs. This is a bottom line country and it would have been neglected, if not for PNC bank.

PNC calculates the price of the famous song and, you should sit down for this, it’d probably be wasteful to pursue this avenue for gift giving.

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This year, PNC crunched the numbers to find that the totality of the 12 gifts would run you $34,363.49, which is up a minute 0.7% from last year. The glut of the expenses stem from the seven swans’-a-swimming, which would cost $13,125, as well as added mental stress of thinking where in the world would someone buy seven swans.

The cheapest gift would be eight maids-a-milking; and thanks to minimum wage, that would only cost $58, should you only desire one hour of labor, which seems sufficient.

The biggest rise in cost from last year would be two turtle doves, up 29.3% to $375. Supply and demand, folks. Don’t be surprised if your stocking is stuffed with a turtle dove or two.

In 1995, the complete bundle would have only cost $15,956. Since, its risen exponentially. But, hey, if you’re cool with spending $34,363.49 to satiate a loved one, then this may be the most unique way to go about it. Maybe not the most practical, but it’s the thought that counts.


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