Markets for grocery delivery services are in business because, amongst other reasons, no one wants to wait in line at the grocery store. It’s simply frustrating and not fun.

We’ve all been there. Stuck behind someone using more than their allotted time to go through, or be behind the mother who has the thankless task of keeping tabs on young children who certainly want to be literally anywhere else in the world. Usually, that situation is treated with an eye roll or passing time on your phone.

But not Jeff Foxworthy, who did an extremely kind thing for Robin McFadden in Georgia. As she’s focused on herding her kids in the line as well as trying to pay, Foxworthy swooped around and paid for her groceries.

“By the time I got to the register, the two small one were fussy,” McFadden said on Facebook, via WISTV. “I tried quieting them with some candy but it didn’t work. It wasn’t until he said ‘How much is she short?’ that I turned around and gasped. He laughed, walked around me, put his card in the machine and said, ‘Watch this.’”

Foxworthy posed for a picture with her thereafter as McFadden was still in disbelief.

“I am so thankful for him,” McFadden said.


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