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Binge watching television shows on Netflix or other streaming services is common in today’s world. Humans of all ages, of all kinds, of all backgrounds indulge in the binging.

Wednesday morning (Dec. 7), Netflix released a study in which they looked at their users’ binging habits, how long they wait to start another binge and what they’re likely to watch next.

According to the study, 59% of their users take an average of a three day break between binges, while 61% will watch a movie before hitching their wagon to a new television show, via Time.

They compiled stats on what that movie is likely to be based on what show has just reached its conclusion. For those who finish the entirety of House of Cards, they’d be most likely to watch Beast of No Nation. Those who finish Gilmore Girls then watch Sixteen Candles or The Princess Bride.

Netflix accompanied the study with an image for visual learners.

(Credit: Netflix)

(Credit: Netflix)

Fantastic statistics.


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