By Christy McLeap

They’re called porch pirates, and they steal packages right off people’s porches. It’s happened to me a few times and it’s on the rise this time of year since it’s the Christmas season.

There’s one Riverside resident, who has been a victim of past package theft, that purposely put a box filled with an undesirable item right outside his front door.

CBS Los Angeles reports Mike Zaremba said, “At first I really felt violated even though I knew what was inside the package, I was still like, he stole from me!”

There wasn’t anything of value inside the box, just a lot stinky dog of poop.

Mike Zaremba said he got the clever idea from his best friend, “Since we’ve lived at this house we’ve had three packages stolen, so just trying to get back at somebody.”

“Our Great Dane had her first birthday so my wife threw her a birthday party. We had 7-8 dogs here.”

After having a party like that you can imagine there was a lot of land mines left behind.  So Zaremba decided to give the package thieves some bait. He gathered up the piles of poop, stuffed it all into a box, sealed it and then sat it on his front porch.

Sure enough the thief took the bait. Daniel Aldama, the alleged package thief was eventually tracked down by Riverside police.

Ronel Newton of the Riverside Police Department said, “He dropped it as soon as he found out. He didn’t want nothing to do with it and kept on riding.”


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